The Learjet History

Beginnings, Innovations, and Utilization

Authors: Peter G. Hamel, Gary D. Park

“Your name will be remembered and cherished for generations to come not for writing this book but in my opinion for writing an ECYCLOPEDIA on Learjet. Very well done and cannot be beaten. Thanks to both of you for your hard work.”

— Mike Abla, CEO Advanced Technology Services, Int’l ATSI, Inc

The Learjet Journey: Pioneering Spirit and Technological Marvels

Immerse yourself in the illustrious tale of the iconic Learjet aircraft, tracing the vivid narrative from Bill Lear’s ambitious inception in the effervescent 1960s to its unexpected swan song in 2021. This exhaustive historical survey invites you to navigate the monumental design transformations, technological marvels, and market currents that have sculpted the business jet panorama over six enchanting decades.

Learjet History photos of side-by-side comparison of the original Learjet 23 prototype and the Learjet 75.

The Power of Innovation: Groundbreaking Patents and Aerodynamic Triumphs

Uncover a cornucopia of patents and ingenious inventions that have reset the rules of the aerospace game, including the cutting-edge winglet. Understand how these game-changers have catalyzed new technologies and propelled decisive advancements in aerodynamics, paving the runway for aviation’s future.

Learjet History Closeup of Winglet.

Historic Learjet 28-001 wing with winglets (Credit R. Randall Padfield)

The Multifaceted Learjet Clan: Business, Research, and Boundless Horizons

Delve into the multifaceted missions and uses that highlight the unmatched adaptability of the Learjet lineage. Ranging from executive and corporate voyages to medical evacuation services, innovative research, defense missions, acrobatic displays, aerial imaging, and cinematography – the Learjet’s legacy echoes across industries and sectors.

A vibrant medley of photographs showcasing varied Learjet applications, spanning military, research initiatives, and aerobatics.

A collage of photographs depicting different Learjet applications, including military, research projects, and aerobatics

A Treasure Trove for Aerospace Enthusiasts and Professionals

Featuring a rich anthology of original photos, diagrams, compelling anecdotes, and fascinating narratives, this book stands as an indispensable treasure for aeronautical engineers, test pilots, students, industry professionals, and aerospace scientists. Its absorbing storytelling and reservoir of knowledge also promise to captivate readers harboring a casual curiosity in aeronautics.

Embark on the varied roles and missions undertaken by the Learjet clan as chronicled in this visually stunning book, resplendent with over 400 historic color and black-and-white photographs and diagrams.

Learjet History. Learjet 23 Cutaway.

Learjet 23 Cutaway.


Peter G. Hamel

Dipl.-Ing., Dr.-Ing., SM, Honorary Professor, Chairman of the National Working Group on Helicopter Technology, Manager of DLR’s Rotorcraft Technology Research Program, and recipient of the AGARD 1993 Scientific Achievement Award, AGARD/RTO von Kármán Medal 1998, AHS Dr. A. von Klemin Award 2001, and DGLR Ludwig-Prandtl-Ring 2007.

A member of the German Society for Aeronautics and Astronautics, the American Helicopter Society, and the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics.

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Gary D. Park

BS in Aeronautical Engineering, MS in Mechanical Engineering, FAA ACO AE, and Engineer with 53 years of experience in projects and research related to FAA certification, structural dynamics, accident investigations, S&C, parameter estimation, flight testing, wind tunnel testing, Boeing UAV programs, GVT for B-52 cruise missile launcher, 777/737 programs, NASA Langley TDT and Calspan flutter testing, maneuver simulations for FAA/JAA, and FAA oversight of Boeing/Cessna projects.

He was also a member of AIAA and served as Wichita Section Chairman, National Nominating Committee, Region V Director, and various technical committees. He was named AIAA Associate Fellow in 1982 and received the AIAA Sustained Service Award in 2002.

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