The Age of Learjet

Adventures, Innovations, and Sky-High Dreams

Plane crashes left investigators with little more than Lear Jet-sized craters to work with. That is, until one surviving pilot exposed a frightening trend in the infant private jet industry.

Imagine you are a pilot in the early days of jet travel climbing into what looks like a fighter jet. You might be tempted to fly it like one. Well, where there is demand, supply often follows.

Photos of two jets.
Lear Jet 23 prototype (left) versus P-16 fighter prototype

Some creative geniuses developed “go-fast” switches. These switches disabled the safety systems designed to prevent the jet from reaching speeds where its powerful engines would tear it apart. Pilots installed them and paid the price.

Do You Want to Know More?

With stories like this, upcoming book, The Age of Learjet, doesn’t just teach the history of the world’s first private jet. It encourages young readers (aged ten to a hundred and ten) to reflect, imagine, and engage with the help of:

100 historic color and black & white photos and figures across 142 pages.

Key Takeways to encourage active thinking and relfection.

Stories of overcoming obstacles and setbacks through creativity and innovation.

Insets that build on narratives to teach new concepts in a way that feels relevant.

Author, Gary Park shares insights from over 50 years as an aerospace engineer who worked on Learjets, fighter jets, and airliners. His first hand knowledge is unparalleled.

Together, he and aerospace legend, Dr. Peter Hamel, researched and collected over 60 years worth of insider stories and facts not collected anywhere else.

When will The Age of Learjet Be Released?

The Paperback, Hardcover, and eBook Editions Are Available now!

The Paperback, Hardcover, and eBook Editions Are Available Now!

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