Gary D. Park

Gary and Judy Park
National Air and Space Museum
Steven F. Udvar- Hazy Center
Jul 3, 2017


Gary D. Park received his BS in Aeronautical Engineering from Wichita State University in 1967, and MS in Mechanical Engineering from Missouri University of Science & Technology (formerly: UMR) in 1973. He served as: Boeing Wichita Associate Engineer in cyclic test and 737 design; McDonnell aerodynamics engineer in advanced F-4/F15 performance/S&C; Cessna S&C; Learjet dynamic loads; Boeing Military principal engineer in structural dynamics; and FAA ACO AE. An Engineer with 53-years of experience in projects and research related to FAA certification, structural dynamics, accident investigations, S&C, parameter estimation, flight testing, wind tunnel testing, Boeing UAV programs, GVT for B-52 cruise missile launcher, 777/737 programs, NASA Langley TDT and Calspan flutter testing, maneuver simulations for FAA/JAA, RJ-900 program; FAA oversight of Boeing/Cessna projects, and implementation of Part 26 AASR. Within AIAA, he was: Wichita Section Chairman (1987), National Nominating Committee (1987), Region V Director (1989-95), Books Chairman (1997-99), GNC TC (1985-88), AFM TC (1981-84), History TC (1994-99). During 1981-88, he authored technical papers presented at conferences, Aircraft/GCD Journal publications, Aerospace America AFM/GNC Highlights and News articles; and was Journal publication reviewer, organizer of short courses and technical conference sessions. He was named AIAA Associate Fellow (1982). While Chairman, the Wichita Section was awarded first place: Outstanding Section, Newsletter, Public Policy and Special Event (1987). He received the AIAA Sustained Service Award (2002), and Boeing recognition for exceptional performance (1989).


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